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Wood Sprite Crafts

Alphabet blocks

Alphabet blocks

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From around 1 year old through their school years, your child can learn

  • Fine motor skills by stacking and arranging blocks
  • Names of animals
  • Recognizing numbers
  • ABCs
  • Spelling
  • Counting
  • Addition & subtraction
  • Even reading!

This set of 26 high quality, laser engraved, natural Cherry wood blocks make a great school gift, baby shower gift, toddler's birthday gift, or Christmas gift.

Each block is laser engraved on 4 sides with an uppercase letter, matching lowercase letter, and an animal with the animal's name, and a number from 0 to 9. The letter X block features a heart instead of an animal. 

Kids love to stack them and knock them over. You'll love that they're all-natural, durable, safe, and quiet.


Natural cherry wood, baby-safe food-grade mineral oil


Each block approx. 1 5⁄8" x 1 5⁄8" x 1 5⁄8"

Care Instructions

Not dishwasher safe. Clean with warm, soapy water. Can be resealed with food-grade mineral oil, cutting board oil, or similar products.

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Customer Reviews

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Brian B.

They're very popular, and do not play terrible, repetitive songs on a loop. They are keepers.